Public urination is a disgrace to Guyana

Almost every part of Guyana you travel, it is a disgrace that we in Guyana are faced with this despicable and disgraceful behaviour. It is disappointing that some of our male counterparts have no shame in this disorderly behaviour. It is as if they have no regards for women, children, and our country at large, particularly as it pertains to hygiene, discipline, and our tourism.

Over the years, I have repeatedly voiced my opinion on this matter but the issue has never been picked up. Due to the escalating rise in the issue, I have decided to speak on this topic again since these incidents are becoming worse. I find that many of them seem to think that they have a democratic right to urinate whenever and wherever they want. Publicly fouling our surroundings is held up as a symptom of societal decline. At the end of the day, it’s about decency. Exposing the genitals in public is an act of indecent exposure. If persons, particularly women and children are present, it will have a negative impact on their lives. Not only will the lives of those present be impacted, but also our society, our children and the children of those who commit the act. Male children mimic their fathers while girls idolise their dads. So when their fathers commit these nonsensical and vulgar acts, it will have an impact on their lives, the community, and their country.

Sadly, I have seen many influential men in big cars, stop on the public road to urinate. A popular example would be by the Turkeyen Sea Wall. It is extremely frustrating that our landmarks, roads and public surroundings are turning into a cesspit. It is all the more alarming given the rise of tourism into our country. How embarrassing it is for our tourism, where our landmarks and streets are smelly and unsightly. This uncivilised behaviour damages the image of our country and has a very negative impact. It portrays us as undisciplined, uncivilised and generally, a nasty set of people. These traits are generally a turn off for tourists and those who wish to settle in the country with their families.

In my extensive travels around the Caribbean, I have not seen an incident of public urination on the streets or landmarks. For this reason, I believe that this nasty trait by many of our Guyanese men deserves serious and immediate attention. There should be patrols by the police department, City Hall, or by those responsible for the maintenance, hygiene and positive outlook of our city and surroundings. Youth volunteers can be appointed and trained to educate the citizens in their communities so as to make them aware of the negative impact such incidents have on their country’s image or the Ministry that is responsible for tourism can raise awareness via the media (television, radio and newspapers).
In addition, vehicle numbers could be noted then forwarded to the appropriate personnel for action to be taken. There should be serious fines in place for offenders who violate these social ethics.


Hajji Roshan Khan

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