Prophet Muhammad (PBUH): The Unextinguished Light.

Hajji Roshan Khan
2 min readOct 20, 2021


Dear Editor,

A life like that of Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him), the final emissary of God Almighty, is an example to emulate in every aspect of life. The auspicious occasion of Youman-Nabi allows Muslims around the world to rekindle their connection with Islam’s ideal Prophet. And so, on this auspicious day, we, the Guyana Islamic Forum for Education, Peace and Religious Solidarity, the Electric Mosque’s Presentation of the Teachings of Islam, in association with the Universal Peace Federation — Guyana seize this opportunity to extend Youman-Nabi greetings to the nation of Guyana, His Excellency President Dr. Irfaan Ali and family, distinguished members of the Government, the Opposition, our fellow Muslim brothers and sisters, and all peoples of this beautiful country.

The earth was enveloped in layers of darkness prior to the arrival of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Humanity was blinded by oppression, immorality, violence, and ignorance until the light of Islam shone through the example of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). That light is still burning today, and that example continues to inspire.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), sent as a “mercy to mankind”, initiated a vast transformation in human life — from the individual, the family, society, and nation. He embodied an awakening that continues to influence the entire world to this day. Besides championing the rights of the vulnerable, he also freed the slaves, and abolished harsh practices against women and children.

In all his interactions, be it with family members, friends, and/or opponents, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) exhibited the highest ethical standards. Thus, he was able to disseminate his message by using his high character and moral principles. As a result, despite his passing many centuries ago, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) continues to live among us via his teachings. As Muslims, it is our duty to embody this paradigm in our everyday lives and show the world, through our behaviors and actions, that we are followers of a prophet revered for his character and morals. This, dear brothers and sisters, will be a fitting tribute to the man on whom Almighty Allah conferred the honor of the “Best of Creation.”

Today and every day, we pray that Almighty Allah exalts the mention of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) among the highest company of angels, and that Allah’s peace and blessings be on him, his family, his Companions, and all those who revere and follow him until the Day of Judgment.


Hajji Dr. Roshan Khan Snr.