Petty political stupidity masterminded by Ganesh Mahipaul

Hajji Roshan Khan
4 min readOct 14, 2020

Dear Editor,
As a father to both sons and daughters, it was a bit painful to witness the evil and absolutely despotic attempt by Parliamentarian Ganesh Mahipaul of the A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) to disaffect the Honorable Minister of Local Government and his son.

Over the weekend, Mr Mahipaul was seen spreading a rather awful rumour, making it seem as though the tender of Designz Unlimited had been pushed by the Hon. Minister Nigel Dharamlall himself. Designz Unlimited is known to have been founded by Mr. Dharamlall’s son, Tariq Dharamlall, since he was 16. While we know that politics can be extremely devastating, horrible and painful, I can only imagine the heartache this obvious attempt to disaffect the Honourable Minister must have been to both father and son.

A very important issue to consider is the fact that this company, as far as my investigation shows, has always been tendering and supplying the Ministry of Local Government and others, including some businesses in the Private Sector.
Designz Unlimited has never had any problems in the last few years when the APNU was in Government. During the APNU era, Designz Unlimited was responsible for supplying the Ministry. So why the hue-and-cry now? Is it because the young man’s father is the Minister?
Sadly, this all seems like politically clutching beach sand in water; or, as we proverbially say, “clinging to straws.” It is quite evident that the goal is to disaffect the character of young Tariq Dharamlall.

It is sad that there are some politicians who love to target the children of individuals who do not share their points of view, especially relative to politics. Political maniacs like Mr Mahipaul lack the capacity and vision to recognise that you do not put people’s children into humiliating situations just because you despise the parent.

Mr Ganesh Mahipaul is considered to be a citizen who is usually treated with a great deal of disrespect. It seems to me that from all his comments and general behaviour, especially those of recent times, this fellow needs to see a psychiatrist or a psychologist, to help him map his brains so that he can see and understand people’s feelings, especially those of innocent children.
In some small measure, I wish to take this opportunity to advise Mr Mahipaul, as I did to another warlord in his faction, that what you put out is what you would receive, and what you sow is what you will reap. If you target other people’s children and you try to disaffect other people’s characters, then prepare for when the table turns. The universe is not blind, and the world, through automation, sets up its karmic powers to teach lessons; and indeed, the guilty obtain their wrath, so that all is properly balanced.

Targeting the children of another simply because you do not like a parent or the things they say is a grievous sin. It is quite obvious that just like his political mentor, aka ‘Evil Eyes,’ Mr Mahipaul has lost his human conscience. The wand of God warns people when they are wrong, or telling lies. When people do not listen to the warnings of human conscience, conscience is known to go to sleep, as in the case of Mr. Mahipaul and his mentor, ‘Evil Eyes.’

Worse still, it is all for a small tender that is just a mere eighty thousand Guyana dollars. This just all smacks of total wickedness, with the accuser possessing a political pygmy attitude and mindset. It is not like that of the hundreds of millions of dollars, or in some cases billions of dollars, that were awarded to friends and relatives during the last regime.

Mr Mahipaul, I would advise you, sir, to grow up! Behave! With these kinds of seeds planted by you and your political associates, you convince yourself that you will never recover any kind of influence by the karmic dispensation of the universe. If you look and analyze yourself, you would realize that you and the evil eyes are deteriorating from human norms and expectations.
I advise you, Mahipaul, smoke your pipe very hard, inhale extremely deep, and do not exhale. It is only then that you might be able to see something of worth, and then maybe your conscience will wake up!

While I know you will never say you are sorry, it would be the correct thing to apologise to the youth you wronged. After all, it is quite obvious that you read something, and you jumped into it without even worrying or ensuring the information was factual.
Thank you, Editor, for your approval of this missive. The intention is to make this guidance available to Mr. Mahipaul, who is in serious need of some spiritual and psychological upliftment.

Hajji Dr Roshan Khan Snr