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I read with much consent the various articles in our reputable print media as it relates to the motions tabled for the immediate dismissal of Mr. Lowenfield, Ms. Myers, and Mr. Mingo. Having been actively involved in observing the count of the March 2020 General Elections, as well as the subsequent recount of the polls, this motion struck a chord within me, prompting me to pen this letter.

On March 2, 2021, and in the ensuing months, I, along with over two hundred local and international observers, were exposed to the deception and skullduggery that unfolded in what is known as the most humiliating and painful tabulation of an elections count in the history of all elections. The elections itself were extremely smooth but it was during the counting that all the trickery took place. What was even more heinous was that all of this occurred in full front of some of the most elegant and distinguished observers, both locally and internationally.

Among the International Observers were former Prime Ministers from CARICOM, the grandson of President Carter and his dynamic team at the Carter Center, and the European Union, which included Former High Commissioners from the United Kingdom, the United Nations, and other oversees observer groups. Local Observers comprised members of the Private Sector Commission (PSC) and the Ethnic Relations Commission (ERC), of which only two volunteers participated. These were my colleague, Mr. Neaz Subhan, and I, the undersigned. No one else from the Ethnic Relations Commission wanted to participate. There were also representatives from the Chamber of Commerce in Guyana, various Chambers of Commerce in the United States, journalists, and concerned citizens of the Diaspora. At the time, Guyana was on the world’s stage but not for the reasons we would have desired.

With the possibility of oil, our enormous natural resources, agricultural, and manufacturing potentials, it was well known that whoever won these elections would wield significant influence and authority for an extended period of time. So, in the run-up to the elections, Guyana and Guyanese were living in an exciting time. We were hopeful. We were positive. However, the events that followed, as acted out by Mr. Lowenfield, Ms. Myers, and Mr. Mingo, would prove otherwise. As folks across the country awoke to the reality that would haunt them for months to come, the route to development and healing changed quickly. Those who had hoped for a peaceful resolution were taken aback by the reality of life in a waking nightmare. I recall some of the citizens of this dear nation lamenting on the immense stress and anxiety that persisted in the months that ensued. They all hoped for closure. However, the shenanigans perpetrated by these elements of conspiracy within GECOM drained them immensely.

On the night of the General Elections, at about 2 a.m., all political parties knew who had won based on the results submitted by the Returning Officers, the various polling stations, and the regions. According to reports, there was pandemonium, depression, and a lot of tears inside the now headquarters of the Opposition. That is reasonable, as losing an election is not easy, especially when one is in power.

I recall witnessing Mr. Lowenfield and his cabal’s covert attempts to disenfranchise about two hundred thousand people. I watched the humiliation with which individuals were handled, the lies that Mr. Lowenfield was spouting, and the obvious conspiracies in which he was involved. I remember looking at him and reading his lips. At that time, I knew he was there to defraud the true victor of their victory, which was to deny the PPP/C what they had legitimately won. He was clearly getting directions from I know who, as did everyone else. We all knew he was being directed and ordered by someone other than the Chairman, Justice Claudette Singh.

I recall Mr. Lowenfield’s sinister smile, who was also making excuses, even as his guys were involved in attempting to remove a laptop and flash drive, playing with the police and us, smiling like the devil himself. Premised by his body language, I remembered asking him, “You don’t have a contingency in place?” For example, I own a security company, and I have contingencies in place in the event that certain guards do not show up. I have a system where we will have some people work through or have one or two standbys, you don’t have that?” “There are times when even contingencies won’t work,” he responded ludicrously. I recall the international observers who were constantly stunned, staring at each other, staring at us, and occasionally whispering. I recall certain APNU+AFC agents who were cleverly maneuvering amongst the observers to eavesdrop on conversations. International observers were equally curious as to who these people were. I informed them that these were “agents.” The term “tontonmacauth” was then mentioned by one of the Observers.

It is even upsetting that till now, Mr. Lowenfield is of the opinion he owns the SORS and the SOPS and so, he could provide it at his whim and fancy, even when it is required.

I recall Mrs. Roxanne Myers who had a bullish tone and was completely vile, unintelligible, harsh, and, as the words flow, even pretentious, spiteful, and nasty. One thing is certain: her incessant excuses for delaying the recounts would always be remembered and held against her. The excuses “someone is pregnant,” “someone has a headache” (I am referring to the Returning Officers here), and her other excuses have all been recorded. I recall her ordering us repeatedly, day in and day out, to “pick up your rubbish and leave.” Those words continue to resonate in my ears to this day. Her heinous, horrible habit of continuously using those words on some of the world’s most prominent diplomats, ambassadors, and others echoes deep within.

I recall when the Ethnic Relations Commission met with Commonwealth Observers, I had my say, and some expressed their fears about what might happen. I recall defending my country after telling them that Guyana is more advanced, has high intellect and wisdom, and I am confident that regardless of the outcome, there will be no outbreak of violence, and that I have faith in the citizens of my country. But then we all witnessed the amount of restlessness Mr. Lowenfield, Mr. Mingo, and Ms. Myers caused us. My words fell flat. They literally played us for five months! They caused heartbreak, angst, and misery to the people of Guyana. Mr. Mingo, the Returning Officer for Region 4, was a brilliant actor, feigning illness shortly after getting a phone call.

After coping with twenty eight years of elections fraud, there was clear evidence that Mr. Mingo, Mr. Lowenfield, and Ms. Myers were conspiring with others to steal the elections yet again. Their actions made us a mockery of the entire world and in Guyana; it broke our hearts to think that we would end up like in the late 1960s and early 1990s. It pained to know that Guyana had once again become a joke in terms of democracy, rule of law, and respect for the people’s right to vote.

Then there was the recount, in which, after much turmoil and anguish, case after case, charges and attacks on specific personalities, including yours truly were leveled. I recall men like Captain Gerry Goueivia, one of Guyana’s democratic heroes, and Mr. Kit Nascimento who stood as titans of democracy in this country. Mr. Neaz Subhan, my colleague, was extremely calm. However, you could tell from his powerful demeanor that he was agitated and that he would act in a manner best suited to his personality.

The entire situation on the 4th, 5th, and 6th drove me to establish the RK’s Guyana Free Media social platform, which broadcasted the realities of what was going on to the rest of the world. My messages, readings, and remarks spread like wildfire over the world. According to reports, President Trump, members of Congress, the European Union, the United Kingdom, and the Caribbean were all tuning in to RK’s Guyana Free Media on YouTube and Facebook to keep up with the latest developments.

I recall my own security guards stationed at the Arthur Chung Centre being sent out in the rains and severe thunderstorms at 11 p.m. by a suspect, Deputy Commissioner in fact, without even informing us. Such were the conspiracies to destroy voting boxes and prevent the rightful winners from embracing their victory. I recall the vanguards of democracy, volunteered citizens, etc. who would gather at the Arthur Chung Centre and circle the area, from Giftland Mall all the way around, climb posts, and set up cameras to monitor the containers with the ballot boxes. The games we saw with blackouts when the recount was to commence, and then the then-Minister of Health wanted to do some sort of spraying late at night to delay/prevent the count from proceeding. We all knew these shenanigans were to create time for mischief. Overall, Mr. Lowenfield was utilizing his ex-military so-called warlord in an attempt to disrupt the reality of the vote of the people.

I recall after five months of pain, the economy had been exhausted. Businesses were trembling, businesspeople were unable to meet their tax and debt obligations, workers were not paid on time and were frequently laid off; all of this was occurring during the COVID-19 pandemic. It was like rubbing salt in fresh wounds.

Despite these selfish individuals, I recognize the many patriots who fought for the count and the recounts. The vanguards of democracy! They spent many sleepless nights watching the ballot boxes at the Ashmins Building and the Arthur Chung Centre while tricks and games were being played to manipulate the boxes and destroy the ballots.

There is so much more that could be written by me, Haji Dr. Roshan Khan, but in the end, the righteous won. Satan’s worshipers had to be exposed and put in their place, for which they still have to answer to God. Many say that it appears that they have already started to do so.

Guyana has been embroiled in a time of national disgrace as a result of these three individuals and their tyrants. For this, I believe they should face the maximum penalty allowed by the law in this country.

In the end, I am relieved that Former President David Arthur Granger turned over the keys of power to the PPP/C after the head of GECOM, Justice Claudette Singh, declared the PPP/C winner in the 2020 elections. But when he did, the damage was already done. To this day, we remember! You have squandered your legacy, Mr. David Arthur Granger. Let the wheels of justice churn and let us see Lowenfield and his team face severe prison time to send a serious message to would-be manipulators of the people’s choice to exercise their franchise.


Haji Dr. Roshan Khan Snr.



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